Library Management System

It has never been so easy to set up a library management system. Sign up for Malaysia’s first modern library management system.

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Simple and Elegant

Say goodbye to old fashioned design.

Mobile Friendly

Users will be able to browse the library using their mobile phones. Admin can also process book circulation by just using a smart phone.

Why choose us?

Import data from old database

We will help you to import your old database.

Crawl book data online

Crawl book data online from 15 malaysia and oversea bookstores, no need to manually enter the details of new books one by one.

Cloud base

No need to install any computer software to start using the system. Able to use the system on 10 years old computer or any mobile phone.

Multiple types of membership

Different membership will have different privileges and configurations. For example, Category A is allowed to borrow maximum 2 books while Category B is allowed to borrow 3 books, at any given time.

Compatible with any barcode system

No need to regenerate and stick the barcode if there is already old barcode system.

Compatible with any category code system

We support Taiwan/Malaysia Dewey, UDC or even custom category code system.

Checkout book

Add multiple books

Admin is able to scan multiple books and perform checkout all at once.

Support barcode scanner

Admin can either scan the barcode or enter the barcode manually.

Powerful and easy to use backend

Number of books which can be borrowed by the members is predetermined. However, admin is able to overrule the limit whenever needed.

Borrow Book
Various method to add new book

Various method
to add new book

Crawl book base on ISBN or title

System is able to search for the book online, so there is no need to enter manually the details of the books.

Import from excel file

System is able to import excel file of any format.

More features

Reserve book

Member is able to reserve a book

Simplified/traditional chinese converion

Conversion while searching for books

Barcode sticker generator

Generate and print barcode in A4 paper.

Penalty fee calculator

Able to show penalty fee when books are returned.

Payment gateway

Able to integrate with any payment gateways.

Wire transfer

User is able to upload payment slip after payment.

Announcement / Blog

Admin is able to post announcement or other relevant contents.


System will send out notification whenever necessary.

Member dashboard

Member is able to login and view their transaction history.


Record deposit paid by members.

Who are using our system?

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Library Management System
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